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Soldering is the heart of electronics manufacturing. Even occasional defects result in enormous costs because of the need for rigorous inspection, test, rework and repair. Most companies live with soldering defects because they do not believe that perfect, defect-free soldering is possible. They believe that touchup and rework can't be avoided.

But perfect soldering is not only possible, it is easy. For 35 years, all types of factories all over the world have achieved perfect soldering using our unique training and support services. Regardless of your company size or products, we can show you how to achieve perfect soldering quickly, easily and surprisingly inexpensively. (Most clients recover the cost of our services in just a few weeks.)

Don't take our word for it. Read what our clients say.

Solder wire, pastes and bars

Many people believe that soldering is an "art." They are wrong. Soldering is all about scientific process application. And that requires knowledge that is only available with our unique Science of Soldering© training program for operators, technicians, engineers and managers. In less than two days, Science of Soldering© teaches more than other courses teach in weeks.

All Science of Soldering© courses are taught at your offices. We provide all tools, equipment and exercise materials. All you need to provide is a meeting room with a television (or projector with sound).

We will tailor the curriculum to meet the specific characteristics of your products and components but a typical outline can be seen here.

Unlike "industry standard" training that focuses on memorization of cosmetics and detecting defects, Science of Soldering© consists of experiments, demonstrations,  hands–on troubleshooting, discussions, comprehensive videos and a detailed 68–page workbook/reference book that clearly explain how to prevent defects. The differences between Science of Soldering© and "industry standard" courses like J-STD-001 and A-610 are explained here.

Science of Soldering© certification demonstrates command of reliability requirements and ability to meet those requirements. Science of Soldering© certification is recognized as proof of excellence by the world's leading electronics manufacturers in every industry segment, the United States government and Department of Defense.

Other certifications are available. Ask us for details.

Whether taking a new look at existing production or setting up new production, our guidance will save money and grief. We'll help you choose the tools, equipment, and materials that give the highest reliability at the lowest cost. We have decades of experience in all the mainstream approaches (wave soldering, surface mount reflow, selective soldering, and hand soldering) and have developed unique processes for unique products. Unlike equipment manufacturers or chemical suppliers, we're completely independent, so every recommendation is based solely on what will give you the best product at the lowest cost.

Train the Trainer

Science of Soldering© can be taught by  your in-house trainers using our DVD-based program, workbooks and other materials. After Electronics Manufacturing Sciences personnel conduct an initial class and make recommendations for process improvements, your own trainer(s) can take over.

Are you already using an "industry standards" course like J-STD-001 or A-610? Many of our clients combine those courses with Science of Soldering©. The "standards" courses present the requirements and Science of Soldering© teaches how to meet the requirements.

See the advantages of Science of Soldering© over J-STD-001 and A-610 training here.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You provide warranties for your products. If your product doesn't work, you refund the purchase price.

We believe services should also be guaranteed. So, our services come with a very simple guarantee — if you are not completely satisfied, you pay absolutely nothing. (We've offered this guarantee for more than 35 years and no client has ever asked not to pay. You will get far more than you expect at economical pricing that will thrill you.)

Switching from traditional leaded solder to the newer lead-free varieties can be a nightmare. But it doesn't need to be. We've been setting up lead-free systems worldwide for more than a decade. For straightforward and painless lead-free implementation, give us a call.

When failures occur during new product validation or in field returns, you need root cause solutions fast. But the causes are often mysterious. Before you run up massive laboratory bills, talk to us. We can usually identify where to focus, preventing unnecessary laboratory tests.

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a contract manufacturer rather than producing in-house. But it's essential to understand that your company name is on the product no matter who performs the actual production. Simply turning over manufacturing responsibility and hoping the contractor will deliver reliable product often leads to disaster. You must have thorough in-house knowledge of the manufacturing processes and maintain vigilant supervision of the supplier. We can provide you with the process knowledge and systems that ensure your supplier won't let you down.

We offer much more than training and certification. We are experts in wave soldering, selective soldering, surface mount reflow and quality systems. Whether you need process troubleshooting, selecting equipment and chemicals, or setting up completely new production operations, we can help.

For more than 35 years, Electronics Manufacturing Sciences has been helping electronics manufacturers achieve reliability and efficiency they never believed possible. Isn't it time you found out what we can do for you?

I learned more in a day and a half of the Science of Soldering© class than I did in two weeks of soldering class given by the Navy.

Patrick M. Schweiger

Supplier Quality Engineer

LORD Corporation

Erie, PA 16509

I learned more in two days than I learned in 25 years as a soldering technician.

Mike Riley

Senior Engineering Technician

TriQuint Semiconductor

Hillsboro, OR

See more client comments here

Everyone here really did enjoy the classes. They all raved about it.

Wilson White

Senior Supplier Quality Manager

Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL

The theoretical education in day one followed by a full day of both "good" and "bad" hands-on in day two is near priceless.

Anthony "Tony" Nichols

Engineering Manager

Motivo Engineering LLC

Gardena CA 90248