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What You've Been Told About Soldering is Wrong!

The electronics industry's traditional approach to soldering training such as J-STD-001 and A-610 courses is defective. It focuses on memorization of solder connection pictures without providing any real process knowledge. It's like teaching driving by handing out maps — students may know where they want to go but they won't show how to drive the car. Touchup and rework exist because operators do not know how to prevent defects.


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Most standard electronics industry soldering practices were developed more than 50 years ago for attaching wires to vacuum tube sockets. They overheat delicate modern components and cause most of today's electronics failures.


Today's components are not only smaller and more fragile, their metal surfaces to which solder is applied are different and less solderable. Meanwhile, fluxes have become incredibly complex and, despite what their manufacturers say, many "no clean" fluxes are not safe.   More....

Other Solder Training Focuses on Finding Defects

Only Science of Soldering Training Eliminates Defects

Electronics Manufacturing Sciences is a global leader in soldering training/education, certification and process consulting/problem-solving.


We are particularly noted for Science of Soldering©, our unique soldering process education for operators and technicians, engineers and managers. Science of Soldering© provides the certification desired by the leading American and European corporations in high reliability industries like automotive, medical equipment, aerospace and defense electronics. Science of Soldering© is also recognized by the federal and most state governments.


We focus on soldering because it is both the heart of electronics manufacturing and the process that causes the most problems.


Since 1981,we have been helping leading electronics industry names around the world. Our clients include many of the biggest names in electronics but some clients employ only a handful of assemblers and technicians. The size of the client is not important — only the desire to maximize reliability and efficiency.

We Come to You

All Classes Held at Your Plant

We specialize in meeting the high reliability and efficiency requirements of automotive, telecom, aerospace, defense, and medical electronics. We also deliver significant increases in efficiency and reliability for all other types of electronics manufacturing. Whatever your product, Science of Soldering© education will eliminate failures and increase efficiency.


All classes feature hands-on soldering as well as experiments, demonstrations, audio/visual lessons, group discussions and workbook exercises. And the classes are held at your offices, so you avoid travel costs. We bring all the tools, exercise materials and workbook/reference books; you only supply a meeting room, TV or projector and whiteboard or flip chart.

The Only Solder Training That Pays For Itself

Our prices are less than you would pay for other solder training. Plus, Science of Soldering© actually pays for itself by greatly increasing efficiency and reliability. Other courses don't do that. To see how much more Science of Soldering© delivers than J-STD-001 and A-610 classes, go here.


Other soldering training is pure expense — it tells people what to do but does not improve their productivity or reliability. And students quickly forget most of what they were told. Science of Soldering©, on the other hand, is highly profitable investment that will transform the way your people work. Only Science of Soldering© produces outstanding R.O.I. and lasting benefits.

More Than Training and Certification

We offer much more than training and certification. We are experts in wave soldering, selective soldering, surface mount reflow and quality systems. Whether you need process troubleshooting, selecting equipment and chemicals, or setting up completely new production operations, we can help.


For more than 30 years, Electronics Manufacturing Sciences has been helping electronics manufacturers achieve reliability and efficiency they never believed possible. Isn't it time you found out what we can do for you? Use this form to contact us or call Jim Smith at (727)866-6502 x21 for more information.

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